Friday, October 2, 2009

Packers or Vikings; Rogers or Favre???

Go, Pack, Go! For those who aren't familiar with the story....The Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings are rivals. Brett Favre, was the Packer's Quarterback, until he retired. Well, he is back playing, but with the Minnesota Vikings. Monday the Pack plays in Minnesota, against their previous quarterback. Have you seen the Sears commercial with Brett Favre, yet? It is hilarious. He keeps changing his mind...first he wants to buy the big screen TV, then he doesn't, then he does....
I thought you'd get a kick out of this card...notice the purple #4 jersey?


  1. LOLOLOLOL... this is great! We live in Green Bay and we are VERY familiar with the story. I never ever seen Packer fans SO NUTS over ANYTHING EVER! Tomorrow night.. oh me oh my.. we can't wait! GO PACKERS!! :) Awesome card and thanks so much for sharing this!! Hugs, KathyJ

  2. He-he....thanks Kathy for the nice comment. I just couldn't resist doing it. I also sell my cards at local shops around town. (Stumpjack's Coffee, Bark, Bath & Beyond, Memorial Drive Veterinary Clinic, The Wild Iris, The Village Inn, The Washington House Ice Cream Parlor, and soon at Blossom's & Steve's Cheese in Denmark. I also, set up and sell the cards at the Farmer's Markets and yesterday, with the cold weather only had 2 lookers, and they both commented on the card. I love your stamps, and am a follower, only I can't participate in your contests. I had a link in my sidebar to your site, but Stampin' Up recently required us to sign a new contract that we would remove all such links, and not give credit to competitive companies on our sites. I do disagree, because not everyone uses just one company for product, and I think that when you work together you can you can promote your product and bring other business in, that you wouldn't have already. There is plenty of pie for everyone, the way I see it.

  3. I love this card....great job Shell



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