Sunday, November 29, 2009

Step-by Step Tutorial on Ornament Money Holders...too cute!

Earlier I posted a link with a video tutorial by our fabulous Carolina at Carolina's Creative Pad.And inspired by her cute Ornament Money Holders, I just had to create some for myself.  You can see more of these money holders I've created, if you go to "my labels" on the far right of this blog, and click on "money holders".   In today's post, however, I've included a Step-by-Step tutorial.  I love watching video tutorials, but sometimes I like to see it written, so I don't have to keep pausing the video until I get to the next step.  So, here ya' go...

Ornament Money Holders


Perfect Ending


Whisper White
Real Red
Holiday Lounge Designer Paper (2 designs, one for front, and one for ornament)

Nestablilities 3 1/2" Scalloped Circle Die (from Small Scalloped Circle set of 6, the 5th largest)
Nestabilities Scalloped Oval Die (from  Small Scalloped Oval set of 5, the 2nd smallest)
Circle Cutting System
Round Tab Punch
Glue Dots
Bow Easy (if desired)
Detail White Embossing Powder
Gold Cord
Jewels (if desired)
Tombow Adhesive

1.) Cut your Designer Paper that you will be using for the front to 8"x4"

2.) Score at 4", so you have a 4"x4" square

3.) Fold the paper backside out, with the side of the paper you do not want to use, as shown above.

4.) Mark the center open edge at the center mark with a pencil.

5.) Using your Round Tab Punch, lining it up in the center mark, (again, on the open edge, not the folded edge, like I initially did...OOPSIE!!) punch both layers just up to the first curve, or as you prefer.  You can also use a circle punch for this step.

6.) Add a glue dot to one end of your ribbon.

7.) Adhere the ribbon on the inverted paper, in the center of your punch.

8.) Turn your pocket card right side out, with the side you want showing, and bring your ribbon around the folded edge and to the top, and snip with your scissors, leaving enough to tuck back inside.

9.) Apply your Sticky tape to each of the sides on the inside (the side you don't want showing), peel it off, and close it shut, adhering the two sides together.

10.) Apply a glue dot to other end of ribbon, and tuck inside, in the center of your punch.  It should now look like the above photo.

11.) Take your spool of ribbon, and add a glue dot at the end of the ribbon, bring around the width of your card pocket, and snip to the correct size.  Add another glue dot and adhere.  It should now look like the picture above.

12.) And yet, one more glue dot, tucked on the bottom of the ribbon to adhere it all to the front of your card pocket.

13.) Tie your pretty bow, with your ribbon.  I use the Bow Easy, and get ONE MORE glue dot, adhering your bow to the center of your card pocket.  Maybe, I should consider buying some stock in glue dots, after this one.

14.) Take your Big Shot, your Scalloped Circle Die, and Whisper White cardstock, to cut out your scalloped circle.

15.) Using your Scalloped Oval Die, and Real Red cardstock, cut out your scalloped oval.

16.) Using your Circle Cutting System, cut two 3 1/4" circles from your other Designer Paper, and one 3 1/4" circle from your Whisper White cardstock.

17.) With your cutter cut one Designer Paper circle at the 1 1/2" mark, and the Whisper White circle, also at the 1 1/2" mark.  You will be using the larger of the two halves from each type of papers.

18.) Adhere half circles together, using Tombo adhesive.

19.) Now, using your Tombo adhesive, only along the rounded edge, adhere your combined half circle to your full circle of Designer Paper, to form a pocket.  I like to make sure that I line up the patterns, nicely.  That's just me, what can I say?

20.) Adhere your finished Designer Paper layers to your Whisper White Scalloped circle.

21.) Punch out Round Tab in Real Red cardstock, apply Tombo adhesive to one side, and adhere to front of ornament.

22.) Wrap Gold Cord around fold of Round Tab, tie a knot, bring the knot underneath the fold, apply Tombo adhesive and close up backside.

23.) Stamp your sentiment, with VersaMark, (onto your Real Red Scalloped Oval) sprinkle with Detailed White Embossing Powder, and heat

24.) Some more adhesive to the Scalloped oval, adhere to your ornament, add embellishments....

And Wallah!!

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