Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Elves So You Think You Can Dance?

I just had to share this with all of you.  Isn't it the cutest thing?

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

He-he...I laugh each time I see this.  The greatly talented cast are from the left:

Corey (son-in-law)
Amy (daughter)
Mike (youngest son)
Emily (my little granddaughter)
John (my oldest son)

You can make one for yourself and post it to your site, or email to friends and family.  It's easy!  You just upload pictures to each elf, and move around to fit.  Then, you select which "dance" you want to share.  Your dance choices are Hip-Hop, Disco, Country, Classical, or Singing elves.  So, go have some fun with this.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stampin Up Late Night Stampers' BLOG FIND OF THE DAY: Christmas Gift Glass Block Luminary Featured

My blog was recognized today on the "Blog Find of the Day" at Stampin Up Late Night Stampers.  I really feel very honored, because the site is filled with so much talent and creativity.  It's a very inspirational site, along with another favorite website of mine, Splitcoast Stampers.  Below is a picture of my "Gifts of Christmas Glass Block Luminary" that was featured today.  

Rather than having you spend a lot of time searching through my blog, for more information on this, I've included a LINK to a prior post where you'll find more details on all of the glass block luminaries I've created.  

Fused Glass Pendant Class...LOOK WHAT I CREATED!!

Look out "Stampin' Supplies", you may have to take a short vacation, for awhile.  I've found a new love, and I can only spread myself so thin!  My new love, you ask?  You're lookin' at it, right now!  I created this pendant and matching earrings at a Fused Glass Pendant class given by Amy Zander, owner of Artworks Etc. Studio. (Right here in Two Rivers)
Fused Glass Pendant:  One of the Neatest Forms of Art

The class is $20 and you're given a square of glass for your base, in your choice of colors.  I chose the clear glass for my base.  Also, I cut my square in half, creating a rectangular shape for my pendant, and made matching earrings out of the other half.  Then you cut your shapes of glass and lay them on top of your base piece in the design and colors of your choice, with just a pin drop of adhesive.  Amy keeps them for a few days, fires them in the kiln, attaches the jewelry metalworks, and your finished pendant is ready to wear.  Here are some other pieces that Amy has made, and sells on her site.

Check out the Artwork Studio Etc. Studio website.  Tomorrow, Amy is holding a "Painted Stoneware" class.  (cups, saucers, bowls)  She is a great teacher, especially for a "newbie" like me, and a real "sweetheart".  And Amy holds various classes throughout the week, mainly handling glass art, or pottery.  When I get a class schedule, I'll share the list with all of you.  She's going to be getting January's schedule together shortly, so stay tuned.  Also, if you're in need of a shower or birthday idea...Amy will hold a Traveling Plate" party.  With a group of friends, you each are given a plate, and have 10 minutes to add your bit of creativity to the plate (be it painting flowers, or flourishes) and then after the 10 minutes, you pass your plate to the person seated on your right, and start working on the plate you just received from the person on your left.  With about 6 crafty people, it will go on for about an hour.  Then you each have a plate to take home with a combination of all of your friends' artwork.  What a fun idea!  But promise me, if you hold one of these parties, that you'll invite me, okay?
Well, back to my stamping...gee, that was a short vacation.  What can I say.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Glass Block Luminaries...Handcrafted!

I created these Glass Block Luminaries, which are rather easy to make.  I've also opened up a  brand new Etsy site, where I am selling these, among some of my other holiday, Christmas items.  They include the light sets, and if necessary the batteries.  Some of the Glass Blocks are shown with LED lights, which tend to be a bit more costly.  If you see one you like with the LED lights, and would prefer the regular. clear, mini lights, let me know, and that will bring the cost down by about $7.00.  The blocks are purchased at a local craft store, and have the holes in back.  My boyfriend is currently in the process of drilling some Glass Blocks purchased from the hardware store.  He hasn't broken a one, "knock on wood", yet.  And he's not even using a drill press....only a power drill, and a drill bit designed for glass and tiles.  

I posted these two in an earlier post.

For this Christmas Dove Glass Block, I stamped the image from Stampin' Up Gifts of Christmas, using Black Stazon ink onto a cut piece of acetate.  Then I filled the dove in with some Crystal Effects on the reverse side, and sprinkled on some Dazzling Diamonds glitter.
When dry, I gently rolled the acetate, and placed it into the Glass Block.  This one is just GORGEOUS!
Clear White Mini Lights: $25.00

Vintage Glass Block
This is a smaller block, it measures 5 1/2"x 5 1/2".
It really compliments the Verde Glass Block, as in a set.
I will gladly combine any of the Glass Blocks as a set, for a reduced cost.
I recently changed the lights in this block to some Green LED lights, and it looks fabulous!
But the LED lights are much brighter, and really threw off too much light for a photo.
But, as I said earlier, you do have your choice, if wanting to purchase any of the Glass Block Luminaries.
Green LED Lights with batteries: $40.00

Verde Glass Block
Clear White Mini LED Lights: $40.00

Gold Metallic Glass Block
I just love this one!  The ribbon really makes this one!
Clear White Lights: $30.00

Close-Up of the Tag on Gold Metallic Glass Block

Noel Glass Block
The Designer Paper I used for this Glass Block, is Stampin' Up Holiday Lounge.  This, too is the smaller of the blocks, measuring 5 1/2" x 5 1/2".  This is the same Designer Papers used in the "Joy" Glass Block, so they will coordinate nicely together as a set.
Clear White Mini Lights:  $25.00

"Joy" Glass Block"
Clear White Mini Lights (best if displayed on outside around block):  $30.00

Snow Glass Block
This is a rectangular block, that I created to coordinate with the Candy Cane Glass Block.
Clear White Lights: $25.00

Candy Cane Glass Block
I've since changed the lights to the Red LED Lights, and it looks fabulous!

Festive Glass Block
Bright and cheerful
Clear White Lights:  $30.00

The Glass Block Luminaries make a great gift, or will look great on your fireplace mantle or under your Christmas tree.

FREE DiGiTaL ImAgE!!! Just Save to Your Computer!!

Isn't Tilly just adorable?  Go to this site, at Digital Doodling, if you'd like to download your FREE digital image, which will not have the watermark attached.  (as this image does have the watermark, which is copywrited).

Some of the wonderful things about digital images are:

1. They do not take up any storage space (except for on your computer)
2.  You can resize them to the proper size for your greeting card or project.
3.  They don't get damaged or lost
4.  Just save them to your downloads or documents, and print on your desired paper.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Amy Zander has graciously allowed me to demonstrate and offer a "Make & Take" class at her local studio, Artworks Etc.,  this coming Tuesday, Dec 15th.  I will be bringing all of the needed supplies, including the chains for you to create your very own Washer Pendant Necklace.

Washer Pendant Class Make & Take

1700 24th St
Two Rivers, WI  54241



$5.00 inludes all your supplies

Contact me here in the "comments section"
Email at
Phone: 920-657-1188


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ornamental Joy Glass Block...Another Beautiful Christmas Display

Ornamental Joy Glass Block

I've been busy this morning creating, yet, another Glass Block Display.  I have to let you in on a little secret, though.  You have to promise not to tell...ya' right, I'm posting this for the whole world to see.  I initially wanted to use, as the background paper, the sheet below, from the Holiday Lounge collection.  I just loved the lines of the ornaments, along with the lines in the paper.

Holiday Lounge Designer Paper

But the white "Joy" sentiment, and white ornaments really got lost, with all of the white going on.  I was all out of the Red "Joy" sentiment from the Decor Elements Holiday Mix, so I couldn't go that route.  Then I tried a different sheet from the Holiday Lounge assorted Designer Papers, and liked the one I chose, as well.  The ornaments on the paper, kind of, frame the ornaments applied to the front of the block, and the "Joy" sentiment, for that matter.  (I tell you, if you have some of the red Decor Elements, Holiday Mix, you have to try this, with the above coordinating really would look sharp)

Oh, yes, one more secret...I accidentally applied the Decor Elements, with the hole from the Krafty Block, at the top.  So, you really couldn't insert any lights into this decorative piece.  But it does look great, without, or with a strand of lights behind it.

So, to begin with I, first, applied my Decor Elements from the Holiday Mix collection(Holiday Mini Catalog), using the "Joy" sentiment and the ornament images.  I cut the Designer Paper from the Holiday Lounge collection at 6 3/8"x 6 3/8", and ran a line of Tombow Adhesive to the top of the paper, on the backside.  I gently rolled it up, and carefully placed it into the glass block, aligning it in the center, and pressed along the edge with the adhesive.  Then I took  red, 1 1/2" wide ribbon, and brought it along the sides, and adhered with a glue gun.  I added a 2nd 1 1/2" wide ribbon, along with the red and tied a bow.  I took pieces of gold cord and adhered them from each ornament to the top of the block using the glue gun, as well.  And finally tied a bow at the top of each ornament with the gold gord.  Below is another view of this Ornamental Joy Glass Block.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Lights, Bows, and Presents...GORGEOUS Candy Cane Lighted Glass Block!

I thought I'd try these gorgeous lighted glass blocks.  I'd seen them at a craft fair, and I thought they were absolutely stunning.

I struggled with the bow, it is the best I could do.  I actually had to find a tutorial on how to make these bows.  It took me the better part of the day...I've always been "bow challenged".  Otherwise, this was very easy to make.  I cut the Cerise (retired) Designer Paper at
6 3/8"x 6 3/8".  Then I carefully rolled the paper up and inserted it into the hole in the back of the glass block.  You can find these Krafty Blocks at your local, large craft store.  I also bought some regular glass block windows, that I will attempt next.  I'm waiting for my boyfriend to drill the hole in the back.  He is a UPS delivery driver, and with the heavy snow we had today, here in Two Rivers, he's working a long shift.  Anyway, I took some cording and with a craft glue, adhered the white trim around the center.  The ribbon is 1 1/2" wide, and I ran it around the block each way, adhering with a glue gun.  Then, came time for the bow....oh, no!!  I struggled, watching all types of tutorials, until I found this one.  But, you may want to scroll down to the bottom of my blog, and pause or turn the volume down on my Christmas Mix Playlist, first, to hear this tutorial.  
A little playing around with the ribbon, and I think I got it! I applied the Merry & Bright Rub-Ons (Holiday Mini Catalog) and the Word Flurries Rub-Ons (Stampin' Up Clearance Rack) to the outside and all around the block. I also added some of the snowflakes from the Decor Elements Holiday Mix around the block. And finished it off with some holiday picks, and a ornament tag, using the Ornament Punch, the Merry & Bright Rub-Ons, with silver cord.

I will be doing some more of these lighted glass blocks, so please check back! These are one of the many items I will be selling this Saturday, Dec. 12th at the Manitowoc County Expo Rummage-a-Rama. This is held at the Manitowoc County Expo grounds at 4921 Expo Dr, Manitowoc, WI located in the Merchant Building (1/2 mile from interstate 43) The time of the event runs from 8:30am-2:30pm. There will be concessions, and over 40 vendors selling, arts and crafts, rummage and Amish bakery. Stop by and say "hi".

Wisconsin, A WINTER Wonderland!!!

This morning we woke up to a blanket of white, yes the fluffy white stuff, we Wisconsinites know so well...SNOW!  And on top of that, awoke  to a 3 hour power outage.  Mark, my boyfriend, was out there  clearing a path, just so he could back out of the drive, and get to work.  (just so that he could get out there and deliver our new Stampin' Up orders, and for us demonstrators our new pre-orders from the Sale-a-Bration and Occasions mini catalogs.)  Yes, he delivers mine, here, as well.  Nothing better than having your better-half being your UPS driver, and delivering your Stampin' Up.  And thank heavens for SUVs, and 4 Wheel Drive.

The kids in Wisconsin sure are happy, though.  They just love Wisconsin's infamous "snow days".  All of the schools are closed here, in Two Rivers, AND north, west, and south of us.  (You can't include east, because we're right on the shores of Lake Michigan, otherwise east would probably be included, too.)  Many local businesses are closing their doors, as well.  As you can see, from my photos, the heavy snow has brought down many branches.  I've heard the unpleasant sound of numerous branches snapping right off.  We have about 4 large branches, in our yard, and one fell right onto our shed.  Our neighbors across the street have a big number of tree branches in front of their house.  So, you can pretty much imagine, I am snowed in here, abolished to stay in, and stamp, stamp, stamp!  Awe, ShUcKS!  I am working on something special for all of you, so stay tuned.  Back to the grind...and LOVIN' it!  

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Washer Pendant Make & Take Class at Artworks Etc Studio

Amy Zander has graciously allowed me to demonstrate and offer a "Make & Take" class at her local studio, Artworks Etc.,  this coming Tuesday.  I will be bringing all of the needed supplies, including the chains for you to create your very own Washer Pendant Necklace.

Washer Pendant Class Make & Take

1700 24th St
Two Rivers, WI  54241


$5.00 inludes all your supplies

Contact me here in the "comments section"
Email at
Phone: 920-657-1188


Fused Glass Pendants Class at Artworks Etc. in Two Rivers

Last Thursday, I was invited to join in on a class for Fused Glass, by two good friends, Debbie and Linda.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!  The class was instructed and demonstrated by our own, Two Rivers, Amy Zander at her studio, Artworks Etc.   Amy is the greatest!  She is so friendly and creates some amazing pieces of art.  She is a self taught, multimedia artist, who works in clay, glass, metal, and paint.  She has been in the arts for over twenty-five years, crafting and painting since she was able to hold a paint brush.  Artworks Etc. is a studio-based business in which Amy works from home to better be available for her two sons (which is very important to her).  She also works with her husband, Dave, her partner in life and art, who's welding capabilities and artful eye help bring Amy's visualizations to life.  Her home studio is located near the shores of Lake Michigan in the small, but inspirational city of Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  But her work has been seen all over the world.  Not only can it be seen in shops and galleries around Wisconsin, but she was also featured on the cover of Ceramic Arts Magazine in 2002.  While being a member of the American Fired Arts Alliance, Amy specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces using her playful sense of humor and love for animals and nature as insight into these truly original pieces which will look remarkable no matter whose home, office or yard they grace.  If you check out her website, you can see some of her pieces, of which can be purchased on her site.  For our class, which, again, I have to reiterate, was A BLAST!!, we created the Fused Glass Pendants.  They were pretty easy to create, and we were able to incorporate our own creativity into our own one-of-a-kind pendants.  I split mine in half, allowing me the supplies to create a matching set of earrings.  She has them firing in the kiln, as I write this, and I am ever, so, excited to see the final result on Sunday.  She will be adding the bail and necklace to each pendant, so that when we pick them up Sunday, they will be finished and ready to wear, or give as a stunningly, beautiful Christmas gift.  The cost for the class was $20, which included all of our supplies, and informative instruction.  She has other upcoming classes, with a great variety of clay, glass, metal and painting projects you can create. She will be sending me a list of those, which I will definitely forward onto all of you.  You just have to check it out, if you are in the area.  She does require registration for her classes, only because she needs to know how much supply to get ready for each class member.  And the cost varies according to each type of class.  Here are a few examples of some of the Fused Glass Pendants she lists on her website, so that you may get an idea of what we were playing with.  

High-Noon $20

Leapin Lizard $20

Lemon-Lime Ice $20

Mosaic Intrigue $20

Traffic Jam $20

Amy sells all of these creations on her site, and they are set on and include a black silk cord.  
I can't wait to show you all the Fused Glass Pendant I created.  I can't even wait, myself to see how it turned out!  Amy is going to be updating her website, to also include other additions to her beautiful collection.  I will update you, here, as well.  So, check back, soon!

Amy has been gracious enough to allow me to demonstrate the Washer Pendants I've included on my earlier posts, right in her studio.  So, again, for you local "Crafty Ones", if you want to do a "make & take" with the Washer Pendants, the cost will be $5, including all of your supplies.  We will be making them at Amy's studio, Artworks Etc, on 1700 24th St, in Two Rivers at 6:30 PM.  Contact me here in the "comments" section, or email at, or by phone at 920-657-1188 to register.  Hope to see you there!


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