Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fused Glass Pendant Class...LOOK WHAT I CREATED!!

Look out "Stampin' Supplies", you may have to take a short vacation, for awhile.  I've found a new love, and I can only spread myself so thin!  My new love, you ask?  You're lookin' at it, right now!  I created this pendant and matching earrings at a Fused Glass Pendant class given by Amy Zander, owner of Artworks Etc. Studio. (Right here in Two Rivers)
Fused Glass Pendant:  One of the Neatest Forms of Art

The class is $20 and you're given a square of glass for your base, in your choice of colors.  I chose the clear glass for my base.  Also, I cut my square in half, creating a rectangular shape for my pendant, and made matching earrings out of the other half.  Then you cut your shapes of glass and lay them on top of your base piece in the design and colors of your choice, with just a pin drop of adhesive.  Amy keeps them for a few days, fires them in the kiln, attaches the jewelry metalworks, and your finished pendant is ready to wear.  Here are some other pieces that Amy has made, and sells on her site.

Check out the Artwork Studio Etc. Studio website.  Tomorrow, Amy is holding a "Painted Stoneware" class.  (cups, saucers, bowls)  She is a great teacher, especially for a "newbie" like me, and a real "sweetheart".  And Amy holds various classes throughout the week, mainly handling glass art, or pottery.  When I get a class schedule, I'll share the list with all of you.  She's going to be getting January's schedule together shortly, so stay tuned.  Also, if you're in need of a shower or birthday idea...Amy will hold a Traveling Plate" party.  With a group of friends, you each are given a plate, and have 10 minutes to add your bit of creativity to the plate (be it painting flowers, or flourishes) and then after the 10 minutes, you pass your plate to the person seated on your right, and start working on the plate you just received from the person on your left.  With about 6 crafty people, it will go on for about an hour.  Then you each have a plate to take home with a combination of all of your friends' artwork.  What a fun idea!  But promise me, if you hold one of these parties, that you'll invite me, okay?
Well, back to my stamping...gee, that was a short vacation.  What can I say.

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