Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fused Glass Pendants Class at Artworks Etc. in Two Rivers

Last Thursday, I was invited to join in on a class for Fused Glass, by two good friends, Debbie and Linda.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!  The class was instructed and demonstrated by our own, Two Rivers, Amy Zander at her studio, Artworks Etc.   Amy is the greatest!  She is so friendly and creates some amazing pieces of art.  She is a self taught, multimedia artist, who works in clay, glass, metal, and paint.  She has been in the arts for over twenty-five years, crafting and painting since she was able to hold a paint brush.  Artworks Etc. is a studio-based business in which Amy works from home to better be available for her two sons (which is very important to her).  She also works with her husband, Dave, her partner in life and art, who's welding capabilities and artful eye help bring Amy's visualizations to life.  Her home studio is located near the shores of Lake Michigan in the small, but inspirational city of Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  But her work has been seen all over the world.  Not only can it be seen in shops and galleries around Wisconsin, but she was also featured on the cover of Ceramic Arts Magazine in 2002.  While being a member of the American Fired Arts Alliance, Amy specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces using her playful sense of humor and love for animals and nature as insight into these truly original pieces which will look remarkable no matter whose home, office or yard they grace.  If you check out her website, you can see some of her pieces, of which can be purchased on her site.  For our class, which, again, I have to reiterate, was A BLAST!!, we created the Fused Glass Pendants.  They were pretty easy to create, and we were able to incorporate our own creativity into our own one-of-a-kind pendants.  I split mine in half, allowing me the supplies to create a matching set of earrings.  She has them firing in the kiln, as I write this, and I am ever, so, excited to see the final result on Sunday.  She will be adding the bail and necklace to each pendant, so that when we pick them up Sunday, they will be finished and ready to wear, or give as a stunningly, beautiful Christmas gift.  The cost for the class was $20, which included all of our supplies, and informative instruction.  She has other upcoming classes, with a great variety of clay, glass, metal and painting projects you can create. She will be sending me a list of those, which I will definitely forward onto all of you.  You just have to check it out, if you are in the area.  She does require registration for her classes, only because she needs to know how much supply to get ready for each class member.  And the cost varies according to each type of class.  Here are a few examples of some of the Fused Glass Pendants she lists on her website, so that you may get an idea of what we were playing with.  

High-Noon $20

Leapin Lizard $20

Lemon-Lime Ice $20

Mosaic Intrigue $20

Traffic Jam $20

Amy sells all of these creations on her site, and they are set on and include a black silk cord.  
I can't wait to show you all the Fused Glass Pendant I created.  I can't even wait, myself to see how it turned out!  Amy is going to be updating her website, to also include other additions to her beautiful collection.  I will update you, here, as well.  So, check back, soon!

Amy has been gracious enough to allow me to demonstrate the Washer Pendants I've included on my earlier posts, right in her studio.  So, again, for you local "Crafty Ones", if you want to do a "make & take" with the Washer Pendants, the cost will be $5, including all of your supplies.  We will be making them at Amy's studio, Artworks Etc, on 1700 24th St, in Two Rivers at 6:30 PM.  Contact me here in the "comments" section, or email at, or by phone at 920-657-1188 to register.  Hope to see you there!


  1. WOW! How much did Amy pay you for this great publicity??? If not, she should. LOL
    We know I am coming and possibly another friend. I invited most of our Red Hat group....some of whom may attend. I'll let you know what I hear. I am so excited to see my snowman tomorrow!

  2. So, cool, Linda! I know, I am excited to see all our creations, as well. I think they'll be fantastic! See you and Debbie Tuesday. Thanks for inviting me to the Fused Glass Pendants class...I had such a blast! Debbie definitely should be in the "sales" or promoting type business, don't ya' think?



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