Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wisconsin, A WINTER Wonderland!!!

This morning we woke up to a blanket of white, yes the fluffy white stuff, we Wisconsinites know so well...SNOW!  And on top of that, awoke  to a 3 hour power outage.  Mark, my boyfriend, was out there  clearing a path, just so he could back out of the drive, and get to work.  (just so that he could get out there and deliver our new Stampin' Up orders, and for us demonstrators our new pre-orders from the Sale-a-Bration and Occasions mini catalogs.)  Yes, he delivers mine, here, as well.  Nothing better than having your better-half being your UPS driver, and delivering your Stampin' Up.  And thank heavens for SUVs, and 4 Wheel Drive.

The kids in Wisconsin sure are happy, though.  They just love Wisconsin's infamous "snow days".  All of the schools are closed here, in Two Rivers, AND north, west, and south of us.  (You can't include east, because we're right on the shores of Lake Michigan, otherwise east would probably be included, too.)  Many local businesses are closing their doors, as well.  As you can see, from my photos, the heavy snow has brought down many branches.  I've heard the unpleasant sound of numerous branches snapping right off.  We have about 4 large branches, in our yard, and one fell right onto our shed.  Our neighbors across the street have a big number of tree branches in front of their house.  So, you can pretty much imagine, I am snowed in here, abolished to stay in, and stamp, stamp, stamp!  Awe, ShUcKS!  I am working on something special for all of you, so stay tuned.  Back to the grind...and LOVIN' it!  

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  1. I love it when the first real snow hits hard and heavy. It's breath taking! Then reality sets in. Another maybe four months of it. We're not quite snowed in in my neck of the woods Green Bay, but it is hard getting around in a winter wonderland. Have a great day Shelly.



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