Monday, March 4, 2013

Stampin' Up Stamps For Sale, Also Stampin' Up Supplies For Sale

Hi, just wanted to let all of you know, if you are looking for a particular Stampin' Up Stamp Set, or supplies to purchase, I am selling all of my stock.  Leave me a comment and I will check and see if I have it.  I also have some stamping supplies, and lots of card stock, and patterned papers for sale.  I'm not looking to make any money on any of them.  I just would like to make some room, and hopefully find them a GOOD home.  ENJOY!


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  2. Hi...I love stampin up products!....actually anything crafts! a good home is my home! Lolol.I am very interested to see what you are selling...maybe u can send me some pictures. Let me know. Thanks..



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