Saturday, February 8, 2014


Well, only 27 more days till my Sailor Recruit graduates from Boot Camp.  Soon, he will be going through Battlestations, which is the ultimate test.
I can't wait to get that phone call saying, "I'm a Sailor!"

I have my hotel booked at the Spring Hill Suites in Waukegan, IL.  The Navy Graduation rate was the best discounted rate I could find.  I ordered some ribbons for our entire family & friends to wear at his graduation.  I ordered mine from Lora McIntosh,
These are the most current PIR ribbons she's completed.  Lora posted them on our closed Facebook Page, Navy Mom PIR Friends.  
WOO-HOO!!! I can see one of mine in there!!!
I've also reserved a spot for all four of us at Sarge's Meet & Greet Thursday night.
He is former Navy, and now drives Cab.  
He an his wife host a free Meet & Greet at the Sundance Saloon every Thursday,
before each Friday PIR graduation.
He offers free dinners for your Sailor at selected restaurants.  And if you need reasonably priced trasnsportation from airports to your hotel.  
He gives out tons of information, such as ways to save money during your stay in Waukegan, IL. and other GOODIES that you won't find on any website anywhere else or at other Meet & Greets.
He and his wife put out a buffet, and they pay for all the food for the PIR's every week.  All he asks for is a donation.
And Sundance Saloon doesn't charge him to use the space, which is their gift to the Navy families during each PIR (graduation from boot camp).
He offers info on the best seats at PIR, easy ways to enter and exit the base 
at Great Lakes Naval Academy,
and anything PIR.

I am really getting excited now.  I try to count the Fridays before PIR, rather than the days.
It seems to go by quicker...LOL
I also purchased a Navy Challenge Coin to give as a gift to my son. 
I purchased the coin from a gentleman, again, former Navy, who uses the proceeds of these coins to maintain a VERY informative website for future Navy recruits, called NavyDEP.
He sells this coin, amongst others at his site PIRGifts.

 It actually is a Challenge Coin of the Ship he is on in Boot Camp.  
The tradition is to hand a Challenge Coin to them with a secret handshake.  
Since my son's grandpa is coming to PIR, and is a VET,
I'm going to have him pass it to our Sailor,
saying, "Now you're a real Sailor".
His grandpa recently broke his hip, and currently is in an extended care facility.
We are all hoping that he recovers enough to make it to PIR.
He is probably the BEST Grandpa anyone could ask for.
He loves all of his Grandchildren SOOOOO much!!

I'm off for now, keep me and my Sailor Recruit in your prayers.

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