Sunday, March 2, 2014


Only five more days,
and I see my baby 
in his US Navy Dress Blues, 
for his graduation from Boot Camp!
The Navy calls it PIR (Pass in Review)
Only 4 guests per recruit (now full fledge sailors)
are allowed on base to see this event.  
He is leader of his unit and will be carrying the flag,
for his division.
I am so, so pumped!
 I've got my ribbons for all of us to wear
to honor our Sailor.
Courtesy of Lora McIntosh at UniqueMemoryMakers.
I also have my embellishments from Lora McIntosh 
to decorate our hotel room door.

I have my Challenge Coin

to give our Sailor 
after the graduation ceremony.
Thanks to PIR Gifts.
And now, I'm in the process of making
the banner,
for our hotel door decoration, 
using these:

I'll post more pics of the door, 
all decorated when I'm done.
I'm also decorating it
with a ribbon wreath
that I'm finishing up.  
(I just have to run to Hobby Lobby for one more item
before I can complete it.  And they are closed 
on you know where I'll be tomorrow)
In addition, Old Sarge is hosting 
a Meet & Greet for all the Navy families.
He holds this event every week, on Thursday 
before each PIR.
I'm putting together a raffle basket 
to help defer the cost of all of the food 
that Sarge puts out for this Meet & Greet.
More posts on the basket, as well, later.
So, it's back to work getting all of this done.
I haven't crafted in quite awhile, 
and am a little rusty.
Check back for more posts about these.

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