Sunday, May 4, 2014

$5 Mary Kay Gift Certificate Giveaway

To All of my Mary Kay Customers,
and all those interested (US Residents only)

In Receiving Seasonal Mailings,
Through "Snail Mail" (Postal Service)

of the Mary Kay Look Books,
These Always Include a Free Sample Product,
Right to Your Door.

I am giving away 
A $5 Mary Kay Gift Certificate
To anyone who would like to be added 
To the "Look Book"  Mailing List.
This is a seasonal mailing, 
That shows you 
The newest products,
Latest Trends,
And tips from Mary Kay.

If you would like to be added 
To "The Look Book"  seasonal mailing,
Please direct message me TODAY,
at 414-469-5114,
or email me at
With your Name and Address!

Just for being added!!


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