Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mary Kay Customizable, and Interchangeable Cosmetic Compacts....Go wherever you go, and change them up with your latest trend

Mary Kay Compacts

Want to take beauty with you,
anytime, anywhere?

Now you can with the 
Mary Kay Compacts.

They go anywhere,
and now you can 
pack it with all the colors and applicators you need.

Plus, the refillable system 
makes it super easy
to switch out colors
as often as you like.

So take it wherever you want
for the ultimate look 
that satisfies the minimalist in you!

How It Works:
This sleek, black, patented compact design features:
One large magnetic area that holds product refills.
A well for applicators
A magnetic area refill system 
that is ultraflexible to allow customization.
It can hold numerous combinations
of product refills.

The compacts come in 3 sizes 
designed for your specific needs.

You can find all 3 here:

As you can see, the combinations are endless!
Interchange as often as you like.
No need to throw away eye colors that come in a set, because you find you use one color more than another.  
Fill as you go or as you use up!

Tiny enough to tuck anywhere,
this sleek compact
is perfect for the woman on the go.
Enjoy thousands of customizable options.
The mirror makes touch-ups a breeze,
and the hidden tray underneath 
holds tools and applicators.
Plus the patented compact design
features the easy-to-use
magnetic system.

The essential that every woman needs,
the Mary Kay Compact
will help make you feel 
beautiful and fabulous!
Its revolutionary magnetic refill system
allows you to customize your perfect color palette.
There's even a specialized spot for 
your lipstick or lipgloss!
This ultradurable, go anywhere compact
makes makeup organization easier than ever.

  • Holds a complete color look to go
  • Patented compact design
  • Sized to fit perfectly in a woman's hand
  • Scratch and scuff resistant
  • Refillable, so it's easy on the environment

The ultimate makeup organizer!
The Mary Kay Compact Pro
is an all-in-one compact
designed to make it easy 
to keep color products and applicators 
neatly organized.
With an ultradurable, purse-tested finish,
it's strong enough to stand the test of time.
Flip it.
Switch it, and fill to create 
your total look, from start to finish!
It's like a mini makeup counter!
Just like the Mary Kay Compact Mini
and Compact
the Compact Pro has the same
high sense of fashion,
magnetic personality
and personalized charm,
you've come to LOVE❤︎, 
and then some.
It's so uttrafillable
and supercustomizable,
that it's never been easier
or more FUN
to create your complete look 
from start to finish

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