Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen For More Beautiful, Bright, Illuminating Effects, No Concealer Can Offer

For a radiant, more even looking skin tone,
I suggest Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen.
Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist, Gregg Brockington,
Shows us tips using the Facial Highlighting Pen, 
one of makeup artists', best kept secret.

Highlighting really brightens the look of your skin,
makes your skin tone appear more even,
and your face more radiant, and dewy.

Brighter eyes look younger, and more refreshed, 
and highlighting them diminishes the look of dark circles, 
for an optical lift, no concealer can do alone.

Highlight your way to lucious lips,
and more radiant skin.

For more information, call, text, or email me, 
or comment below.

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