Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sharing some Autumn Beauty from Wisconsin

Good Mornin' Friends

As many of you know,
I drive down from Two Rivers, WI
to Hales Corners, WI (near Milwaukee)
every Tuesday afternoon, 
and spend the night at my daughter and son-in-law's,
to babysit my grandchildren.
Actually, it's my favorite part of the week!!

Any Grandma can relate....
I walk in the door,
and all I hear is, 


There is no feeling like it!!
Who else knows what I'm talking about?

First off, in the morning,
Emily was having a Harvest Party,
(whatever happened to a Halloween Party?  LOL)
with her 4-K class.
She said she was turning me into a TOAD!!
Me:  "Can't you turn me into 
a beautiful princess, like YOU?"
Emily:  "No, you're a TOAD!"
Me:  But, you're a GOOD fairy princess,
not a evil, wicked one."
Emily:  "I only do good things for BOYS!"
WOW!!!  Disney, what have you done?  LOL

Then obviously,
Vince has to do whatever
it is that Emily is doing.
He so looks up to his big sister.
And HE had to get his costume on, as well.

Look, Vince has a Six Pack!! LOL

Later in the day, 
when Vince was down for his nap,
Emily, and I 
played one of her new games
that she got for her birthday... Jenga.

Believe it or not, she kicked my butt
the first game.  
I lost with my very 1st pick of the tiles.

Beaten by a 5 yr old...LOL
However, once I got the hang of it,
I did develop my Jenga skills.

And they all fell down...LOL

Afterwards, I enjoyed taking some pics
of the beautiful Autumn scenery...

We found a feather, amongst the leaves.

As the sun shown through the fall colors.

And some close-ups of the 
flowers that won't be with us for long.

Some fall Mums

The last of the begonias for the year.

Can't forget the bubbles!!

And Jack-o-Lanterns

Till next time....
See ya' later!!

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