Sunday, February 9, 2014


In May exact date unknown yet, I and my fellow Mary Kay® team members 
will be hosting a very special Spa Facial and Makeover
at the USO of Wisconsin.
We will be pampering the moms and wives of our military men and women 
with a Beauty and Skin Care Class.  
They, so, deserve this, and it will bring special meaning to thier Mother's Day.
These moms have carried their babies in their arms, raised them with strong balues, and now have the task of handing them over to the country.
They're so grateful to receive a single letter from them, even if it is short, 
or a brief phone call, saying "I'm okay".
Sometimes these moms go weeks or months not hearing from them.  
Due to security reasons, they can never know what their loved one is doing, 
or where their exact location is at any given time.
Our military wives have their own challenges, as well.
They are continually relocating, unable to establish long term roots in a community.
This means not being able to hold a job, long enough, to earn benefits, 
like 401K's or vacation time.
They find it hard to better themselves with any continuing education,
since they never know when or where they will be relocated again.
They need to help their children cope with missing their father.
And raise them by themselves, going to all of their events, 
wishing Dad could join them.
Many military wives lose their true sense of individuality,
because the only way they are recognized is, as a Military Wife.
Long and lasting friendships, become difficult,
and consist mostly of other military families.
These friends are constantly moving their households, as well.
Support systems are not always there for them, 
when they need it most.

These women, so, deserve to be recognized 
and be given a day where they can relax,
treat themself to some extra special attention,
and feel and look pretty.

In addition to the Spa Facial and Makeover, 
we will be handing out a a Spa Goody Bag to each of the guests, 
to take home with them.
Maybe there is a day, when they just feel 
like they need to spoil themselves.

The cost of each Spa Goody Bag will be only $25, 
and will consist of 
Mary Kay® Satin Hands
Mary Kay® Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs

I am looking for donations from individuals and business owners.
whom would be willing to donate by adopting a Military mom or wife.
You may either purchase one(1) or more Spa Goody Bags.
 Although, we would be extremely grateful for all donations,
however big or small.
.I can, also, insert a personalized note from you to your Military Mom or Wife.

All donors will be recognized in all advertising by myself and the USO of Wisconsin

if you would like to help,
please contact me by,
messaging me here,
Phone or text: 414-469-5114

There will be more information to follow. 
But please, at least, give it a thought until then.
And find it in your heart 
to give these fine women a special month of May.
Thank you for all of your support.
Your kindness will be greatly appreciated!

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