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Holiday Decorations GREAT Tutorial

Thanks, Stampers, for being patient.  The batteries on my camera were completely drained, so I had to wait to get this tutorial up and running for you all.  My gosh, I kept checking the little yellow light on the charger...kind of like watching water boil, I guess.  Well, here it is the latest addition to my Holiday "Joy" Blocks.  And I've included a Step-by-Step tutorial just for you, so you don't make some of the stupid mistakes I did in making these.  You know how that goes.  You start doing something, and OOOPS!! along with a few other words mentioned in there.  I've really changed the colors in this one, and actually I really like this set of Holiday Blocks better than the 1st one I did.

Taken with Teal (Just a very thin 4" strip); One at 2"x 1 1/2" (for little ornament)
Old Olive Three at 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"; One at 2 3/4"x2 3/4"
Whisper White One at 1 1/2"x 1 1/2" (for star)
Designer Paper: Make sure you have 4 pages of the same Designer Paper, unless you want a variety (I used Autumn Vine available in the Holiday Mini Catalog) Four pieces at 9 3/4"x 12"

Stampin' Up! Ribbon Originals (for little ribbon tab)
1 1/2" Ribbon (To tie blocks together; Mine was from a local HL craft store)
Silver Cord (to tie bow around little ornament)
Decor Elements Decor Blocks (available in Holiday Mini Catalog)
White Holiday Mix Decor Elements (available in Holiday Mini Catalog)
Black Holiday Mix Decor Elements (available in Holiday Mini Catalog)
Silver Jewel (on star)
Green gem stone (on ornament)
Designer Button (Blue)
Thin Luminescent Ribbon (craft store)
Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive
Stampin' Dimensionals (to adhere ornament, star, and Four Old Olive panels onto blocks)
Mat Pack (paper piercing to top and bottom of Letter "O" Old Olive panel)
Paper Piercing tool
3/16" Corner Rounder Punch


1.)  Have Designer Paper laying 9 3/4" across, and the long 12" side vertical(up and down).  Score paper at 3", 6" and 9".  Turn paper 1/2 turn (so 12" wide by 9 3/4" long) and score at 3/4", 3 3/4", 6 3/4".

This is how your paper should look:

2.)  Cut out left and right sides on score lines up to top row of squares, creating a big letter "T"

3.)  Apply adhesive to one side of block, at a time, close to the edges.  Lay one scored square onto one face of your block.  Make sure you start with the top, far right square in the letter "T".  (I made the mistake of starting at the bottom of the "T", and when it came to applying the little 3/4" tab that is supposed to go under, I could not put it under a side I had already applied...note taken, a boo-boo)  


4.)  Do same for all four blocks

5.)  Round corners of Old Olive square panels using corner rounder punch

6.)  Paper pierce one of the Old Olive panels on top and bottom

7.)  Add ribbon tab to one 2nd Old Olive panel (if you noticed the pic I took here is of a different ribbon than the actual one I chose...I realized that I liked another ribbon better for this project, what can I say)

8.)  Cut out the images and letters you want to use on your blocks from the Holiday Mix Decor Elements

9.)  To apply the Decor Elements, each image has 3 layers. (the backing sheet which is marked with a grid pattern, the image itself, and the transfer sheet.  First, lay the sheet on a flat surface, with the grid side up.  Lightly rub the entire surface with a Decor Elements applicator tool.   This will transfer the image from the backing sheet to the transfer sheet.  

Carefully, and slowly peel the backing sheet off, working from one side to the other.  Peel the backing sheet at an angle.  As you peel the backing sheet off, make sure the whole image is transferring to the transfer sheet.  If any part of the image does not transfer, carefully replace the backing sheet over the image and rub until the image has completely adhered to the transfer sheet.  

Gently place  the image on the transfer sheet onto your Old Olive panel.  Be careful not to touch the sticky side of the image itself, or don't let the image fold over and stick to itself. 

Working with the applicator tool, rub the image onto your Old Olive panel.  Starting at the center, rub from top to bottom, working outward.

Carefully, and slowly, peel the transfer sheet off the image, pulling straight back at an angle.  Make sure that your image has transferred to the panel before continuing; the image can rip if it is not totally transferred.  If any part of the image did not transfer, carefully replace the transfer sheet over the image and rub until the image has completely adhered to the panel.  If bubbles appear work them out starting at the center and moving them outward.  

Before transferring your letter "Y", you will have to shorten both of the top ends (the letter "y" doesn't fit on this size panel...just a tip, that I found out...another OOPS!!)  Apply your snowflake first, then your letters to the respective Old Olive panels, and lastly the tree scene under the letter "Y"  You will also have to shorten the tree scene, because it, too won't fit on this size panel.  Again, do this even before you begin to rub the transfer on.  It is okay for the one tree to overlap the bottom of the letter "Y"

10.)  Apply your thin Taken with Teal strip and adhere to 3rd Old Olive Panel

11.)  Transfer the small star onto your small piece of Whisper White cardstock.  (I placed a piece of Taken with Teal cardstock under the star being transferred in the picture below, so you could see it more clearly, since my table is white.  And transfer the small ornament to your small piece of Taken with Teal cardstock.  

12.)  Add your embellishments as you like.  I added a silver gemstone to the star, a green gemstone to the ornament with a bow of silver cord.  I added the blue button to the snowflake tied with some iridescent ribbon.  I popped the star and ornament with Dimensionals onto the panel.  

13.)  Place your panels onto the blocks, and tie with your 1 1/2" wide ribbon.  What a gorgeous holiday display!

I know it sounds complicated to do the Decor Elements.  But really they are easier than it sounds.  I've never used them before and they are very user friendly.  Now, if I can do it easily the 1st time...hey.
Here is your finished holiday decor-ations!

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