Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Emily's 1st Christmas Parade and a Proud Papa

Little Emily experienced her very, first parade, this past weekend.  Waukesha, WI held their Christmas Parade, and of course, Santa arrived at the very end.  Emily's Daddy was in the parade representing the City of Waukesha Police Department.  Look at the CUTE pic of Emily and Daddy.  He is such a happy dad...well, why shouldn't he be?  My dad is coming in from Arizona today.  Emily is his first great grandchild.  He's going to be staying with Amy & Corey, Emily, the 2 dogs and the cat.  He-he....  That sounds like a fun time.  I'm really looking forward to seeing Dad.  Last time I saw him, was when we were out in Vegas.  And he ended up going into a Diabetic coma, while driving out to meet me.  The police officer hung onto his car keys so that he wouldn't take off, once he got his sugar levels to where they needed to be.  Bless the officer, he made my dad wait, until I arrived.  I was 1 1/2 hours away.  (This was his 2nd Diabetic coma within 2 weeks.)  My dad, now, has everything under control, but it was as I thought it might be, just adjusting the times that he test his blood levels.  Anyway, here are some more pics of this darling little princess, that I just had to share.  Have a great day, everybody out there.  Hugs to all, and "HAPPY STAMPIN'"

Daddy (Corey) in Christmas parade Color Guard (He's the big gorilla)


Proud Papa and his little Princess (little Monkey)

Proud Mama & Proud Daddy (love the reflection of the police car in the background)
And "Me" Proud Grandma of all of 'em

My little Lambchop

All Smiles!!!

Emily just loves diaper changes

Sweet Dreams, Emily

Such a cute smile...don't you love all the hair?
Mom's going to have fun playing with it when she gets older!

Big Uncle Mike (that's my 15 yr old baby)

Coming home from the hospital.  Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?

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  1. Great Photos! What a precious darling little girl. Our youngest granddaughter, Olivia had hair just like Emily's. Too cute. It did stop sticking up as she got older. She's 8 now and has beautiful hair.

    Your 15 year old "Baby" is a cutie too. He looks so proud of his sister.



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