Friday, November 20, 2009

Hand Stamped Boxed Christmas Card Set

One stop shopping...this is an assortment of the hand stamped Christmas Cards I created for this holiday season.  They're already boxed up, all pretty like, with a scrumptious bow for that special touch.  What a nice way to brighten somebody's day, or keep them for your own.  Your cards will stay nice and protected in the nifty acrylic container.  The acrylic boxes come in a pack of 10, and all you have to do is fold them along the creases and you're DONE!!  They even come with a self fastening seal.  Add a fancy bow, and you've created a great gift.  I purchased a "Bow Easy" to create these PERFECT bows, and it really makes your bow making a breeze!

Now, Stampers....I'm off to create another set of the Holiday "Joy" Blocks from the Decor Elements Line.  And I will be preparing the Step-by-Step tutorial I promised.  Hopefully, I'll get this done in a short amount of time.  I'm a little skeptical, though, because I'm in the process of charging the batteries for my camera.  Ooops!  I forgot to charge them last night, as I had planned.  So, I'm hoping they cooperate.


  1. Love the cards in those acrylic boxes. The boxes seem to be the perfect size. Where did you get those boxes? Please!!! Thank you so much!

  2. where in the world did you get those boxes??!?! They are PERFECT!!

  3. Actually, I found them on GinaK Designs. If you buy them in bulk of $50 or more, you can get them much cheaper. (they turn out to be about $.57 a piece) at



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