Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My First Attempt at Making Washer Pendant Jewelry...Adorable!!


Well, I did it.  I created something out of my comfort zone. (my comfort zone, being handmade greeting cards, or scrapbook journals.)  But this is a paper craft item, because the designs are made using scrapbook and/or designer patterned papers.  I've never attempted anything like this before.  And, I am happy to say, that I really like the end result.  I created these using old scraps of patterned papers.  However, the one pendant on the far left was created using simple Rub-Ons!  They are done in a snap!  Yes, just rub right onto the washer.  And it doesn't even require any gloss...pretty the way it is!  It is actually one of my favs!  So, my fellow card makers and scrapbookers, once again, an adorable hand crafted item, great for gifts, and they only cost about $5.65 to make the very large one, and $2.65 for the others.  You can view some of the tutorials, I listed on earlier posts, by going to the right side of my blog, and under the "Labels" heading click on Washer Pendant Necklaces.

    I've included a picture, here of my favorite pendant, using the simple Rub-Ons:

And here is a picture of the same washers from the backside.  I used my metal stamps to create these sentiments.  As you can see, from the "Cherish" sentiment, I got a bit better with some practice.  But, that's what makes it handcrafted, right?  

I have more pendants that to post here, so check back.  I will have these and more available at the  Rummage-A-Ramma, located at the Manitowoc County Expo Center this coming Saturday, November 14th.  The Rummage-A-Ramma will run from 8:30am-2:30pm this Saturday.  See you all there!


  1. Oh My!!! This is sooooooooo GREAT!! Love them! Want to make this also ;-) So thank you!

  2. Shelly, these are so cool! Did you use crystal effects to adhere the DSP and cover it?

  3. Yes, however, I ran out, and found at JoAnn's something called Glossy Effects made by Ranger, and can probably be found in the area where Ranger products are sold. It comes in a tipped bottle, like the Crystal Effects, and is applied very easily. Takes about a day to dry, so don't touch after applying.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I think I may have my granddaughter make these for her friends for Christmas. Thank you, thank you...


  5. Thse are gorgeous!!! Now can you figure out a way to make more time for me??? My downfall is that I like to sleep.

  6. He-he, Linda...Debbie left a comment about them on the Culture Club(e.g. alias) for Creative Culture...asking when, when, when. I'm free pretty much of the time...this next week will be hectic, though. But, find out what day & time works good for you two, and let me know. Just the 3 of us can play, and see what we come up with. How does that sound?



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