Saturday, November 7, 2009

Washer Pendant Necklaces-A Virgin Workshop...Let's Do It!!

Okay, it is not what it sounds like.  I am hyped up about trying my hand at creating some of these "Washer Pendant Necklaces".  I have never, ever done one before.  In fact, I went to one of those "jewelry workshops", at my daughter's home, once, and and all of us (I'm not going to say, "older" gals) but us "well aged" (like good wine) kind of women, (my aunts included) were laughing till it hurt.  We had the hardest time seeing what we were doing.  All of us with our arms stretched out trying to get a little bead on a thin wire.  My one aunt said, we should all go out for a drink when we leave here.  Now, my hands are pretty arthritic, and my eye sight, well let's say my arms keep getting longer and longer.  You should see me when I try to make my bows for my paper crafting, or better yet have to thread them.  You'd be laughing your pants off.  Well, back to the Washer Pendant Necklaces....for those of you local gals, who might see this, I was thinking of getting a group of us together....and having a Virgin Workshop.  I'd bring all of the materials to make different versions of these Washer Pendants, and we can see what we all can come up with.  I think it would be a lot of fun!  All I'd ask for is to be reimbursed for the materials....and the cost is minimal.  I want to say, maybe $4.00 to $5.00.  Also, maybe if anyone wants to get rid of any old stamp sets, or retired stamp sets... they can bring them along.  There may be someone there who is interested in purchasing them.  So, what do you think?  Any takers?  Come on, Virgins, let's unite!!  I'll send out emails to some of you, to see if any of you are interested.  And if you, by chance see this post, and I do not have your email or contact information, you, too are welcome to be a member of the Virgin Club. (just contact me here, or through my email or phone)
I know I've posted pictures of these Washer Pendants before, but for those of you who missed are some pictures of some that I've found:


  1. Congratulations! I just wanted you to know that your project will appear on the Yahoo Group Late Night Stamper’s blog finds of the day for Nov. 9. Want to receive your own copy of the blog finds of the day? Join us at



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