Sunday, November 1, 2009

WOW!! Stunning Home Crafted Pendant Jewelry for Great Holiday Gift Giving

Hi, Crafty Friends,
With the Christmas season, just ahead, here is another great idea for your holiday gift giving. And these jewelry pendants are one of a kind creations, made by you. They're very inexpensive, yet simply gorgeous! The instructions in this tutorial, are easy to understand, and follow...check it out Crafters!

And here is another version, as seen on Crafty Chicks

Phase 1 Supplies:
Washer (we use fender washers)
Hard surface
Hair Spray
Magic Marker
Scrapbook paper

You can buy the metal stamps from Harbor Freight Tools for about $5.

Once you have decided on a saying or word for your washer, hold on tight to the stamp and give it one firm and quick swing with the hammer. The wood actually wasn't hard enough and we ended up moving to the tile floor. Concrete would also work. Once you have the washer punched, color the entire surface with a black magic marker. After the marker has dried, spray with hair spray and wipe off. This will turn the letters black and help them show up.

Then trace the washer onto the paper and cut out.

Phase 2 Supplies:
Sand paper
Mod Podge

Cover the washer with glue and then set the paper on top. Most likely your cutout will be larger than the actual washer--this is okay. Glue the paper on and wait for it to dry. Once it is dry take your piece of sand paper and smooth off the edges. This will take care of any excess paper and give it a nice finished edge.

Cover with Mod Podge, dry, and repeat as many times as you would like. I like put on think coats of Mod Podge so it gives a bubble or glass look to it. Just make sure you let each layer dry before adding more.

Phase 3 Supplies:

Cut the wire to the desired length, add the closures to the ends. Add a bead if, you so chose, to a little piece of wire twisted at the ends.

Fold wire in half, slip through the bead and then through the hole in the washer, and back between both strands to finish it off.

And because you already have everything out, you might as well make a few!

Or you can try making these washer necklaces These are made using ink rather than paper, as shown here on Life Made Creations.

Washer Pendant How To

You will need:

The washers I used were 1 3/4" and 1 3/8" zinc-plated.

Step One:
Clean the washer with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt and oils.

Step Two:
Place drops of alcohol ink randomly over the surface of the washer.

Step Three:
Use an applicator (Ranger makes on specifically for this, but I don't have it--yet, so I just used a basic cosmetic sponge I had in my stash) with a bit of Blending solution and dab at the washer to lighten and mix the inks. Add more droplets as needed to create a design that you love. There is no right or wrong here, and what I loved most was how forgiving the inks and blending solution are. If it's too dark lighten with solution; too light, add more ink.

Step Four:

Wrap a piece of wire (mine was 24 gauge) around your washer. Start the wire in the back, and be sure to cover over the end as you wrap around. With each pass through the center, thread 1-3 beads onto the wire. Keep wrapping and threading until you like. Snip off the end and thread it beneath the wires in the back. One the smaller washer, I skipped the wire wrapping and glued on some tiny rhinestones. Forgot to snap a photo of it.

Step Five:

Add a hanger and you are done. I used a premade leather cording that already had the fasteners, but you could use ribbon, string, jute, yarn, chain, and add your own closure, or simply tie it large enough to slip over your head.


  1. These are great! I will have to make some for myself! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. LOVE these!! Especially the alcohol ink ones with wire and beads!!! Thanks so much for sharing the technique with us!!

  3. Wow! what a great idea that looks pretty easy to do! TFS

  4. Thanks for all the tutorials and links -- these look like fun! Perfect for my teen to make for Christmas gifts!!

  5. I LOVE your alcohol inks and washers - they are so unique, distinct and with beautiful color separation. But just how do you get that?

    I've been playing with the inks and washers for weeks now and still don't have that great color delineation that you're able to achieve. Any tips or pointers you could share?

  6. These are so cool, I am off to Lowes now!
    Have you ever tried Resin over the designs for a super shiny finish?
    I bet that would look awesome! I love Resin! LOL!

    Thanks for the great tutorial! Barbara

  7. Awesome Collections. I like all the pendant designs.

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